Super High Back Seat Cover 35 inch back

Jay's Equipment Seat Covers

$ 79.95

This Super High Back universal seat cover will fit large excavators, loaders,  and many other super high back equipment seats.

This seat cover is made of a heavy duty, durable, long-lasting, water-resistant fabric, is easy to install, and comes with a convenient, easy-to-reach key/phone velcro pocket.    

Seat covers are available in black or gray canvas.

Seat Cover Dimensions: 20" x 20" seat bottom, with a 35" seat back (from where you sit on the seat to the top of the headrest).  This seat cover will fit seats with a seat back minimum height of 31" to a max height of 35", a seat back width of 18" minimum to a max width of 20", and a seat bottom of 17" minimum to a max of 20".

Made in the U.S.A.

Listed below are some machine models that require Super High Back seat covers. If not listed below, measure your seat from where you sit on the seat to top of headrest and refer to Seat Cover Dimensions section above.

Cat 308, Cat 312, Cat 312B, Cat 312E, Cat 314EL, Cat 315CL,Cat 315FL, Cat 320L, Cat 320CL, Cat 320E, Cat 322CL, Cat 323F, Cat 325FL, Cat 326, Cat 328, Cat 330BL, Cat 336F, Cat 336DL, Cat 345B,Cat 950M, Cat 966K, Cat 966M, Cat 568LL ,Cat 980K, Cat 986K, Hitachi 130, Hitachi 310, Hitachi 350LC, Hitachi 450LC, Deere 644K, Deere 844K, Deere 245D, Deere 320 DFM, Deere 350G, Deere 3554, Komatsu PC138USLC, Komatsu PC210, Komatsu PC270LC,   Komatsu PC360LC, Komatsu P490LC, Komatsu PC400LC, Komatsu WA470, Volvo EC210BLC, MOXY MT36-2

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